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 We Love Tony James ! 
(Actor, Musician, Artist )

    His work with children over the past 2 decades (OUT of The Box)  and his work in building a better place for all of us through his music and art
 is OUTSTANDING. Please share a moment with us , and enjoy Tony's newest song " HEAVEN " and then visit his site ( tonyjames.com )for more TONY!!
  Tony is a big fan of OdorAngel.com, & GiftsofGraceandHope.com
His response to us reaching out to him was very satisfying and comforting 
- he has an ease about him that shows he's blessed in this world. We would like to wish him the best in his ventures and to thank him for His interest in making sure his fans are taken care of.  ( SEE Tony's response to our letter !!). Cheers  Tony!!


HI Charissa! 
You may have noticed that I responded to your post, but I did so before I saw your message in my inbox. So in answer to your questions: Absolutely, I would be honored if you would include my link on your site! With regard to my album, it is available on iTunes. So happy that you guys are enjoying "Box" and rocking out to "Heaven"! I'm sure it puts a smile on your face to see your beautiful girls having fun! Wishing you and your family Love & Light... Warmly, Tony

So there you go folks...There are still some fine people in the world!
*****and in regards to Tony's response to our page, he writes:
Hi Charissa,
I just had a chance to view the link that you sent. Thanks so much for taking time and putting such thought and energy into creating the page... I'm truly flattered! It was incredibly generous of you to include so much information - you've really done your homework!

Thanks so much, again, for your wonderful enthusiasm and support!

   ITUNES Albums : Self -Titled album :Tony James

        Find  REVIEWS &Tony's CDs at CDBABY.com :

As an artist, Tony co-founded MAGGIE'S DREAM, which recorded two albums for Capitol Records.(Maggies Dream short Documentary: www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaEmbRgKogY )

'TONY JAMES' is supported by a world-class lineup of musicians, including GRAMMY-winning co-producer/guitar virtuoso Larry Mitchell; multi-platinum artist Billy Squier (The Stroke, In the Dark, My Kinda Lover); Jon Kurzweg (Creed, Puddle of Mudd); songwriter/producer Jeff Coplan (Roots Three Music); bassist/producer Nicola Stemmer (Violent Femmes, David Yazbek) and guitarist Vini Miranda (Dido)
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/pages/Tony-H-James-musician/actor
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/TonyHJames
or Email Tony at : tony@tonyjames.com
Find/ Hear  Tony's music at :

YOU are listening to /NOW PLAYING:
                   Tony James's new HIT SONG :HEAVEN

Quote from Tony:
" To me the songs are created for one purpose--to be performed, to be      shared.
But it's more the PASSION that we're sharing and that's Greater and Deeper than  any spoken word"

   -Tony James (drums)
 (from documentary "Maggie's Dream")
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