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Help make a difference!

     A recent hotel stay  brought to our attention that there is a lack of literacy (books) available to hotel guests, especially OUR children! We found that a request for a simple "bedtime story" was unable to be fulfilled. Thus bringing to our attention the said problem.

     Children that happen to be staying at the hotel, are many times there  because of extreme circumstances such as having Doctor's appointments or siblings that are sick in hospital, or sometimes even more drastic (such as flooding , eviction, or fire)

    We have decided to do our part, here at Odor Angel, by remedying this situation by collecting gently used books , new books,and/or donations (to be able to deliver them) and getting them to as many hotels as we can.

                               Lets put READING back into Bedtime !!!!!!

      We cheer
                for Ho-tels
                         ha-ving Books!

          Let's get a Hook into some BOOKS !

  Email link- Books4Hotels

 Donations (books) by mail:
    box 423
    St.Paul, Alberta, Canada
    T0A 3A0

 at your local participating library
 transportation & new books :

   Thank you to ALL who have made others'  Sweet dreams  possible .

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