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      I've got to share a SECRET with you friends , and it’s about the FAIRMONT HOTEL (specifically (The Fairmont Hotel Macdonald)) .
Now we've all stayed at hotel here and there and probably alot of yous have stay more frequently. But I gotta TELL YOU, the FAIRMONT HOTEL Macdonald in Edmonton, and it's sister hotels across the world are the BEST at Customer Service & GUEST EXPERIENCE. Just listen to my story... My daughter was facing 2 Days of intense hospital visits at the Stollery childrens hospital (MRI and Ophthalmologist) , and we needed a room for a couple days.From the moment we arrived we were treated like ROYALTY. Just to give you the feel of our stay here’s how it went:

We were checked in at Lightening speed, and from that moment on ,I felt as though a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders, even the girls were in higher spirits!

Of Course there’s a POOL and WEIGHT ROOM as well as Sauna and WHIRL pool. Not only that , but EVERYWHERE you turn there is SERVICE, Service , SERVICE! Starting with the AIR CONDITIONING when you open the door to your room ! to fresh fruit and fresh fruit water for when you get out of the gym, to the handbaked complimentary cookies for the kids! You are just starting to enjoy your regal room when your baggage arrives swiftly and Promptly to your door from a wonderful (and handsomely groomed ) attendant.

 You really gotta CHECK THIS OUT! The beds are crisply made with an EXTRA pillow ALREADY THERE! BEAUTIFUL! Like laying on a CLOUD!!The MINI Bar is stocked , and the Bathroom....Ooooh! such lush bathrooms with a look of what it might be like to travel To ROME ! Marblesque and gold-like fittings and Shower head that rains on you with the perfect pressure…Mirrors that seem to wrap-around the room! Huge counters for all your traveling items to Fit!!
Well I Know you DO NOT want to get off that bed! But you must enjoy the pool (Definitely a highlight when you have children ! (they INSTANTLY become little fish and mermaids when they see they see that pool!) STOCKED with a treasure chest of toys !just waiting to be played with!!

Now if you would like to step outside from the pool , YOU CAN! double doors pave the way to a patio for some sun or -up a few stairs and you are in a plush Garden of healthy plants and flowers!  You can also ENJOY DINING outside and see the beautiful North Saskatchewan River ! ...walk a little further to find the hidden springs!- a beautiful fountain and plenty of seating! Very private and romantic…Make a WISH!!

Everything about the FAIRMONT Hotel Macdonald says that YOU ARE A SPECIAL person, and You ARE a KING or QUEEN for your stay. -TRY IT ! just order some room service per-Se ...Your order is placed immediately and arrives in perfect timing ! , from breakfast to dinner and everything in-between,(from a renowned  chef),from their fine dining in-house dining room --  OR if you have forgotten that THING! you know !  Your Toothbrush! or if you snag your nail and need a file? or even an EXTRA house coat for your little ones :) (totally fluffy and soft!) the FAIRMONT Hotel Macdonald has got you COVERED!

     And now THAT ,is what I would expect from a GREAT hotel! worth every penny- find out for yourself-Book your stay today at:    

   AND Now that the FAIRMONT hotel in Edmonton (Fairmont Hotel Macdonald) has supported the endeavors of http://www.odorangel.com/Books4Hotels.html, even your LITTLE ONES will get to sleep in no time with a Book that has been donated -so that your stress is nonexistent and any little ones visiting siblings or going to hospital appointments themselves, will soon doze off TROUBLE-FREE.

I PROMISE that your experience will be the FAIRMONT hotels` PLEASURE, starting with the Valet who parks your car -to the Front Desk personnel -whom are friendly and knowledgeable  -to the attendants who are at your BECK and CALL 24/7, -to the General Manager Garrett Turta, who oversees your experience at The FAIRMONT Hotel Macdonald -
                                     YOUR fabulous HOME away From Home!